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With shows from Mexico City to Haida Gwaii, the US East Coast to UK festivals, to spending dedicated hours in the studio, the journey of Vancouver-based four-piece FRANKIIE has been far-reaching not only geographically, but also introspectively. Forget Your Head, their Paper Bag Records debut, harnesses messages of self-love and discovery against a dreamy indie rock soundscape.


Written over a period of two years, Forget Your Head took shape as the four women relished the opportunity to push themselves as artists - claiming space on the international touring circuit, and writing in intimate sessions off the grid before recording with Jason Corbett of ACTORS at his Jacknife Sound studio. Corbett played an integral role in fine tuning Forget Your Head, explains singer and guitarist Francesca Carbonneau, “It’s great working with Jason because he’s always willing to work on an idea you have and go back in and try things until it feels right. His patience and passion are a killer combo for a producer.”


“I think honestly what we’ve been doing is becoming better musicians,” reflects vocalist and keyboardist Nashlyn Lloyd. Carbonneau agrees, enthusing about the band’s ability to turn touring “into an adventure,” as they have steadily played increasingly larger stages. The band’s opening slot on celebrated UK group The Charlatans’ eastern North American tour in fall 2018 was a milestone, as they played the biggest stages in their continuing journey as best friends and collaborators.


Most recently, FRANKIIE embarked on a May 2019 tour of the UK and Europe in support of lead album single, “Dream Reader,” whose haunting melodies describe the emotional rebirth crucial to the making of Forget Your Head.  “Funny Feelings”, embraces the surf-rock sound the band found through exploring tones and working with new guitars and pedals, as the ominous yet playful track encourages the listener to “feel your intuition.” Its lush, full band instrumentation recalls the group’s live show, where each player imbues the group with the strength and joy they find in performing.


One of the album’s standout tracks is “Compare,” stemming from Carbonneau’s experience of trawling deep through another’s social media. The track’s rollicking guitars and keys float along an invigorating bass line, giving structure to visions of “a sea of screens.” “We have become normalized to a world of voyeurism, but what we see is often just the projection of a life that isn’t even truly real,” she explains. “We can get lost in the illusion of beauty and success of others; of strangers, and in turn feel like our own life doesn’t measure up.”


It is self-identity which dominates Forget Your Head and has informed FRANKIIE’s approach to accepting change and continuing to grow as artists. “Everything is impermanent, nothing is forever, and so I think that’s a huge lesson in not trying to control everything,” asserts Carbonneau. Forget Your Head marks the beginning of a new adventure for FRANKIIE, whose work ethic and commitment to their music pushes them forward into new discoveries both inside and out.

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