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Night Eyes is the debut album for Vancouver's SAVVIE, released on Tiny Kingdom records in February 2015. Savannah Leigh Wellman (previously of Redbird) is the unstoppable force behind SAVVIE, a seductive mix of sultry, brooding rock and infectious pop hooks. Produced by Matt Rogers (The Harpoonist And The Axe Murderer), Night Eyes is a courageous, relentless debut that shines a spotlight on Wellman’s penchant for crafting sparkling, hip-swaying tunes. It’s sharp, sexy, and nuanced, with a laser-focus on irresistible melodies and big head-nodding choruses. Wellman’s brand of dusky rock is for old souls with young hearts, bringing echoes of The Black Keys and Fleetwood Mac, melded together with gold dust and mystical lyricism.
Since the release the band has played venues across Canada, had a summer schedule full of festivals, and has been invited to open for acts such as Leighton Meester, Royal Tusk, Rah Rah, Gay Nineties, Zerbin and more. A favourite on CBC Radio 3 and CBC Sonica in 2015, Night Eyes charted nationally on campus radio. With more recording and touring planned for 2017, SAVVIE continues to seduce audiences, one listener at a time.
 “Released on Wellman’s own Tiny Kingdom Records, Night Eyes is a beautifully bruised collection of whiskey-driven grooves which are already beginning to summon quite a following.” 
~ Noisey by Vice

“Night Eyes doesn’t shy away from being provocative. Not in an obvious or vulgar way, rather, it’s poised, subtly sexy and layered with varied levels of emotion. Her sultry vocals ache through introspective moments, like on slow burner “A Blur and a Haze,” while heady tracks such as “Gravity” and “Without You” are charged with swelling riffs and splashy percussion as they explore notions of emotional and physical yearning.” 
~ Beatroute BC
"Savannah Leigh Wellman’s unmistakable seductiveness consigned the crowd into a prolonged frenzy. With their meticulous riffs, conducted by Wellman’s sweeping vocals, every song resounded as a rock ‘n’ roll adage, fully willing and capable of sending the horde into a full on swing.”  
~ Discorder Magazine

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