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Haley Blais expertly puts into song so much of what humans are feeling. For years now, Haley has turned out song after song of unforgettable and defiant scream-into-your-pillow bedroom anthems. She’s organically grown an online community and reputation for her witty commentary and self-deprecating, self-loving balladry sung out in operatic crescendos. With production help of indie favourites Tennis and Louise Burns, Haley’s powerful voice and astounding knack for melodic detail flourish on her debut, Below the Salt, which sees its release today on Tiny Kingdom Music.

Listen & Share Below the Salt:

Today Haley is excited to reveal her official Below the Salt lyric video series which features a different guest lip syncher in the place of her niece Alma who's featured on the album’s cover. She invited pals Whitmer Thomas, Lindsay Sjoberg, Joanna Spicer, Miel Bredouw, Chris Fleming and Chris Vanderkooy of Peach Pit. Check below for the full series.

In addition she’s also released her new official video for “Be Your Own Muse”. Haley explains, “This song is about reimagining myself as my own muse. Radical acceptance. I wrote it at a time when I realized my own self worth, and didn’t have to rely on anyone else to be that anchor.” Watch and share the video directed by Jake Pascoe below.

Join Haley on Sunday, September 13 at 5PM PST / 8PM EST for her official Album Release Party. She’ll be joined by her full band for a special performance at Vancouver’s beloved Fox Cabaret. The show will stream live via YouTube on her channel here. This Friday, August 28 Haley will be answering questions live via Reddit’s indieheads board at 4PM EST.

Keep up with Haley on YouTube or find her on Instagram.

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