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Haley Blais Releases "Too Good"

(April 21, 2020) - Vancouver-based breakout artist ​Haley Blais​ releases her debut single “Too Good” today via Tiny Kingdom​, the burgeoning Canadian artist management company who recently announced the launch of their independent record label and Blais as their first signing. Stream and purchase “Too Good” ​HERE​. Blais shares, “Too Good’ was a 30 second song, basically still in utero, before Patrick [Riley] and Alaina [Moore of ​Tennis​] heard it and dug their claws in. The words ‘Kate Bush inspired drums’ were uttered and ​–​ I could be remembering this wrong ​–​ I saw two halos appear above their heads. They saw potential in an unfinished, underdog song and HOT DOG I'm excited for you to hear it.” The video for “Too Good” follows around a missing pageant queen, a play on Blais’ song “​Small Foreign Faction​” about ​Jon Benét Ramsey for which she had never had a chance to make a music video. Watch and share the “Too Good” video ​HERE​. The charmingly candid honesty of Blais’ online presence filters into the collection of catchy bedroom-pop tunes on Below the Salt​, where dreamy atmospheres are punctuated with witty observations and confessions. Her much anticipated debut LP ​Below the Salt​ will be Tiny Kingdom’s inaugural release and is scheduled for August 25, 2020. Blais’ sometimes self-deprecating, yet always self-loving relatability has earned her a significant online following that has been eagerly awaiting new material since the release of her last EP ​Let Yourself Go​ in 2018. Below the Salt​ takes her previous EP’s knack for perfectly capturing a feeling in song, and brings you even deeper into the experience. With production from indie favourites Tennis and Louise Burns, Haley’s signature sound is still present, but matured, as synths replace ukuleles, vocals soar, and confidence replaces doubt. “This album is a personal collection of thoughts and stories so releasing it through my sisters at Tiny Kingdom serves only to maintain that intimacy,” says Haley of signing with the label. “These 9 songs have been molded, recorded and now released by just a handful of choice folks which made each part of the production of the album feel like a real family endeavour. I feel like a mother (musician), looking for the right nanny (label) to take care of their child (album)! Meagan and Savannah have been with me every step of the way and not only am I the first artist on their roster, they're my first label! 'Below the Salt' is in good (soft) hands.” Blais was invited as direct support on Peach Pit’s North American Spring tour this year which will be rescheduled to a later date. More information will be announced when available.

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