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Updated: Mar 10

Little Destroyer’s new album 1134 is out today via Tiny Kingdom. Produced by Howard

Redekopp (Mother Mother, Tegan and Sara, The New Pornographers) the blistering collection of tracks sees the enigmatic Vancouver-based threesome at their dramatic grunge-pop best; a powerful sonic explosion of pent-up fury and 00s breezy pop-punk energy of seminal bands like The Kills and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

“Only Way Out is a pivotal song on this album,” states Little Destroyer’s frontperson Allie Sheldan. “It sits on the threshold between the past and future. It draws a lot from the angst of our older songs but with the positive frenetic urgency of someone who is on the edge of an evolution. The only way out of pain is through it, you can’t avoid that - there are no detours. I wrote this song while I was discovering that, and was needing to pump myself

up for the road ahead of me.“

Straddling the line between punk hedonism and pop indulgence, Little Destroyer is a tight knit trio of creative powerhouses; vocalist, bassist and songwriter Allie Sheldan, and the brothers Weiss – multi-instrumentalist Chris, and drummer Michael. The three are industry veterans, with the scars to prove it. No stranger to the exploitations of the music industry, nor the house of cards upon which it is built, Little Destroyer have a litany of almost chances, near misses, and lawyer invoices strewn behind them. A break was needed and the last two years provided the breathing space to reassess and realign.

Back with a new team in the female-led Tiny Kingdom, it’s a clean slate for the band and one they’re keen to move forward with. Working alongside JUNO Award winning producer Howard Redekopp, the band has excised any remaining demons, returning with a new offering that is part cathartic release and part raucous reclamation of their musical identity.

Little Destroyer, in their own words, is a sum of its parts. And every part makes, ‘great fucking music’. 1134 signals a new intention for the band, a conscious decision to shift away from the meat grinder side of the music industry and toward a way of working and creating that sees the self honoured and freak flags flown high. Little Destroyer is proof that creating a pop-punk blitzkrieg is just as much about love and connection, as it is spit and


Stream / buy 1134 here

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