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Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Teon Gibbs partnered with producer 40K to release FLOAT, a sultry anthem about the physicalities of love and lust via his label, 100 Collective.

From Teon Gibbs:

Float has a dark and nocturnal feel which lends to this feeling of journeying to find your forbidden lover. A relationship that has run its course but the physical aspect is so passionate and raw that it keeps you in this dream like loop where you keep going back for more.

Teon Gibbs is quickly becoming one of the most well known voices coming out of Western Canada. Originally from Botswana, Africa, he now calls Vancouver home, where he is a leader in his community, creating opportunities for BIPOC artists through his initiative the 100 Collective. His core sound is one that blends soulful chords, vocal samples and thick 808s to paint a bouncy and nocturnal canvas on which he can display an intimate understanding of good songwriting and witty wordplay. 

“Determined and innovative, it’s safe to say this is only the beginning of the multi-hyphenate’s music career.” - Wonderland

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